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Looking for a credit card processing company you can trust? Featuring zero hidden fees, the TDA is the best priced option – they will beat any price! While individual business rates are based on commerce volumes and average transaction sizes, the TDA stays competitive and offers a guarantee to match other rates. Visa and MasterCard approvals are subject to credit checks by the company’s preferred merchant services provider. However, their approval rate is 95%!

Credit Card Processing Industry

“Wow,” you might say. “That’s such a great deal offer! What else can the TDA offer me that sets them apart from industry competitors?” Their reputation as a credit card processing front-runner is also founded on quick customer support response times, versatile e-commerce and mobile payment options (which allow you to process hundreds of thousands of daily transactions) and their innovative virtual terminal.


Flexible Credit Card Processing Solutions

To help establish their top spot amongst Canadian credit card processing companies, this virtual terminal option is an ingenuous online payment infrastructure that is accessed via any web browser. This can be done on a PC, smartphone or tablet. The virtual terminal is an ideal option for small to medium sized businesses who operate and deliver remote services – call centers and order desks, for example. Also, membership-based businesses which is appealing as these sorts of websites are growing in popularity all over – take for example Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s membership-based fitness gear company. Keeping your members happy by providing prompt deposits and delivering on your promises becomes easier with.


The TDA really stands out as a top credit card processing company because of its transparent pricing and secure credit card payment. In a digital age with lots of security risks littering the online retail landscape, it’s comforting to know that you’ve put your trust in a Point of Sale (POS) solutions provider that has over 25,000 satisfied customers – all over the country!

Customer Service

With 24/7/365 multilingual services, they appeal to the many cultures seeking to and already operating businesses in Canada. This “always on” credit card processing service applies to swapping terminals as well, should they ever encounter issues. For example, countertop solutions – no one wants to face the old fashioned swipe credit card carbon imprints when the machine goes down and there’s a line at the cash. The TDA rapid response time helps reduce these sorts of frustrating and awkward circumstances.


Things get even speedier with their tap and go payments, a convenient and helpful feature for customers in a rush seeking an on-to-go credit card processing option. They can pay anywhere with clear reception without worrying about dropped connections, with receipts printing super fast! These wireless General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) terminals are pocket sized and are also available with Bluetooth.

POS terminals for Every Application

There are purchase and lease options available for these POS terminals, making them accessible for many more businesses than the company’s competitors. The TDA machines also feature lifetime warranty, giving further peace of mind you’ve gone with the right credit card processing company. If you’re involved in a restaurant, spa or other service that regularly involves tipping, it is no problem for them to set your machine up to accept tips. Alternately, if you choose to charge fees for debit transactions – say for a bill under five dollars – the TDA Group can also program the fee to any amount requested. Don’t worry about the perception by customers, it’s quite common with small transactions and makes total sense as your profit margin is smaller. However, it should be noted that Visa and MasterCard regulations prevent from charging fees on their transactions.


Credit Card Processing

Their high speed internet terminals also work great in restaurants, as well as in stores with high volumes of customers. Makes the stress-inducing events like a store opening or Black Friday sales a little more seamless! If the internet goes down, you can rely on phone lines to complete transactions. All of this further enhances your peace of mind in choosing the TDA for your POS options.If you’d like to learn more about the TDA services, watch and read about customer testimonials and see what exciting promotion they have on.

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